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Go Solo: How to have fun without the plus one

A travel guide for single people wanting to see the world!

We all have places we want to see, things we want to do and items we want to cross off our bucket list. Sure, it would be fun to do them with someone, but what if your soul mate hasn’t come along yet?  It’s time to stop waiting and start doing. It might seem scary to travel alone for your first time but it’s time to live your dreams – even if that means you have go solo.

Journalist Michelle Ponto has made going solo her mission by exploring the world on her own and living life to its fullest. In this book, she shares her travel and dining experiences as well as stories from inspiring solo travelers she has met along the way who conquered their fears of traveling alone and have never looked back.


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Throughout the book, you’ll find tips and advice on:

  • The pros and cons for hotels and AirBnBs
  • Finding activities beyond the bus tour
  • Trip planning
  • Overcoming the spotlight effect (are people really staring at you?)
  • Best time to eat in a restaurant alone
  • And much more!
Whether you dream of traveling the world, buying a home or simply want to dine at a 5-star restaurant on your own, you’ll find guidance and empowering stories to get you started on your journey.
Take a chance and step out of your comfort zone.

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Buff Dad: The 4-Week fitness game plan for real guys

Buff Dad” is a witty and easy to read fitness book that works. The diet program is easy to follow and Mike’s story as a dad who’s poundage got away from him is an entertaining read that many can relate to. But it’s the workout portion that really shows off Mike Levinson and Michelle Ponto’s training expertise.

While the exericises are simple to understand and designed for all fitness levels, they aren’t for the wimpy. Instead they will whip you into shape and in less than 30 minutes, you’ll be sweating, burning fat and building muscle. If you want results and you want to be buff fast, then this book is for you.

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When Graveyards Yawn – Excerpt from short story “The Soul Hunter”

Red light. That was the first thing Jarrod Moore saw when he opened his eyes. Red, fuzzy lights flashing incessantly above him. He squeezed his lids shut and opened them again. They were still there, only they weren’t fuzzy anymore. They were sharp and blindingly bright. The flashing, pulsing rhythmically like a heart heavy with blood.

This modern anthology features chilling tales from Canadian writer Michelle Ponto, and award-winning Australian, Geoff Maloney, and US writers Lisa DuMond and Paul Jessup.

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New Wave of Speculative Fiction – Excerpt from short story “Mission Rejected”

Quinn inched along the narrow ventilation passage in complete darkness. It had been over six hours, but she was close, so very close.

Adjusting her protective helmet, she switched on the motion sensors. Good. Only gray readings ahead. Life forms showed up in red, so she was alone in the tunnels. That’s the way she liked it.

Life forms caused distractions, even if they were of the friendly sort.

“New Wave of Speculative Fiction” edited by Sean Wright (a collection of new short stories) is brimming with quality writing, speculation about what might be, a mix of horror, fantasy and sci-fi, such as Michelle Ponto’s&nbsp fast-paced sci-fi thriller, ‘Mission Rejected’ and award-winning author, Michael Mirolla’s ‘Inside/Out’, a strange, vibrant masterly story of what might be.

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Short Documentaries

Paul Haber: Against the wall – Short Documentary


Guatemala: Faith in Practice

The mission of Faith In Practice is to improve the physical, spiritual, and economic conditions of the poor in Guatemala through short-term surgical, medical and dental mission trips and health-related educational programs.


Feature Films: 

Dream Girl- Renegade Productions (2009 release)

I’ve recently finished writing a script for an independent production company that is currently in development. More details to follow once the company is ready to release.

Short Films: 

Waiting – TigerLilly Productions (release TBA)

Short suspense film.

Al – Green Sky Films (2006 release)

A short drama about the destinies we chose in life and how one decision can change your life forever. It was produced with Toronto director, Tony Ng’ung’ui Kung’u.

TV Pilots: 

Inspired Urban Spaces – KickShow Productions (Sept. 2005)

Inspired Urban Spaces is a New York based show starring Krista Watterworth as the host. The show takes interior design beyond traditional re-decorating and organizing. Instead it really sets out to create a personal space that matches the occupant’s dreams, goals and inspiration. Krista is currently the host of “BAD BAD BATH” which aired on HGTV Tuesdays at 8:30pm.

Extreme Motorcycling- M-2TVExtreme Productions (April 2006)

Kicking television into gear, Extreme Motorcyling focuses on the two-wheeling road warriors, weekend cruisers, stunts and races, and how the sport is shaping the entertainment and fashion industry.

A few of my Commercials/Multimedia Video: 

Being IT – Teehan Lax Interactive (Oct. 2005)

Looking for a fun and interactive way to drive potential candidates to the website, these three 30 second viral commercials were created in the same style as the BBC series “The Office”. Click here to view.

Guide to HDTV – Discovery Channel (June 2006)

With the launch of Disovery HD, Discovery Channel wanted an interactive video that talked directly to the audience. Created in an MSN “Big Picture” format, this multimedia segment featuring 4 HD experts, does just that. Click here to view.

A few infomercials:

Success Doesn’t Come in a Bottle – Alive ProStudios (Sept. 2005)

Working with Alive ProStudios, this infomercial was designed to play on the company’s website and during trade shows. To view the infomercial, click here.

Simply Luxury- Alive ProStudios (Mar. 2006)

Working with Alive ProStudios, this product specific infomercial for Haryson Canada was designed to broadcast on the web, as well as in other media areas including television. Click here to view to see the informercial and 30 second commercial.