Travel and Retreats

As you can tell from my blog, I love checking out new things — whether it’s a different form of meditation, various yoga techniques or simply hiking to a scenic point somewhere. I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon, climbed Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka, sweated buckets in a sweat lodge, snorkeled in caves in Mexico and have tried various massage, exercise and meditation techniques.

Over the years I’ve gotten many requests from people wanting to join me on my adventures to help them break out of their comfort zones. This is why I’ve started doing my Fitness-focused luxury retreats.

Don’t let the word “Fitness” scare you.  The fitness parts are always optional and usually include hiking, cycling or walking someplace. I’ll sometimes invite a yoga expert along for those who want to start their day with sun salutations, and because I workout every morning, those who are willing are welcome to join me during my session — but if you want to sleep in, that’s okay.  It’s your vacation and your time.

Have a milestone birthday coming up or looking for a memorable destination bachelorette party in Hawaii, provence or another amazing location? Let me know and I can create a customized retreat for you and your guests based on your interests.

See more on my fitness website.


I only do a few of these a year, so if interested email me so we can start making plans – or I give you an idea of how much things would cost.

The first step in making your dreams come true is writing them down, the second step is calling me to see what it takes to get them done.