Goa during the monsoon season


For years people have been telling that if you go to India, you’ve to see Goa.  They didn’t tell me what I would see there. They also didn’t tell me that there are two different Goas: North and South.


I learned about the difference while there. Apparently North Goa is a party haven, but South Goa is quieter and has excellent surfing.  For my visit, I picked South Goa.


The only catch was that I decided to go during monsoon season.  The great thing about going during this time is that it is super cheap. However, the downside is that you won’t be surfing or visiting the beach. The waves were high and much of the beach was flooded with water.


With no beach, what will you find if visiting South Goa during monsoon season. In three words: A peaceful haven.


I loved it.


There were no other tourists in my hotel, the Alila Diwa. The few guests there arrived for an Indian Wedding so I basically had the pools and the bar to myself.  I was also the only person who showed up for the 7 am yoga – so got a private lesson. Bonus!


And the monsoon? Monsoons are overrated. They seem to come in spurts so you can plan your outings accordingly.


In Goa, it would pour each day from 6 am until 7 am, and then rain again at sunset from 5 pm until maybe 6:30 pm. The rest of the time it was lovely.  But bring mosquito repellent. I was eaten on my walk to the village Majorda and exploring the area.


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