What would Romans do?


This past spring, one of my best girlfriends decided to try going solo. The plan was that she would do Paris on her own and then would meet me for a weekend in Rome so we could swap stories and catch up.

The thing is that after spending a week running around Paris, you kind of need a day to unwind and stop absorbing every single piece of architectural history you’ve ever read about or seen on TV or in the movies.

The question was: How do people living in Rome relax on a Sunday? For about an hour we pondered — what would Romans do?


All it took was a couple searches in Google to figure out that the whole Roman bath concept from Caesar’s Day was still alive and well in Rome.   We quickly booked an afternoon at QC Terme Roma and prepared to be Roman for the day.

QC Terme Roma is located on the outskirts of Rome. It’s beautifully landscaped grounds not only have a number of different baths ranging from hot and cold dipping pools, to saunas, hot tubs, relaxation rooms, it also is famous for being the only place in Rome where you can attend a champagne happy hour in your bathrobe.

Oh yeah. This sounded like perfect way to spend Sunday afternoon.


We arrived around 2 p.m. and were not disappointed. We were the only English-speaking people there and after getting amazing 30-minute massages, we were ready to soak up the afternoon by soaking our bodies in various pools. At 4 p.m. happy hour began and the free champagne began to flow (along with pizza, bread and other finger foods).

At 9 p.m. the place was still packed as couples arrived to sit in the pools and stargaze.


We left feeling relaxed and like we experienced a unique day with the locals that most tourists would have missed.

Crossing off the bucket list: A day in Roman bath.


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