Catching Waves at Paradise Plage in Morocco

The path from the surf house to the beach. FYI…the cover from my book, “Go Solo” was taken on this trip.

Surfing always looks so much fun when I see it on TV – and so graceful.  But then there’s me. I’m not graceful. I’m shaky and unbalanced and look tense when trying to surf. And that’s because I am all those things. Yet, I keep signing up for lessons.

You know you are in Morocco when you see camels on the beach

My latest surfing adventure was in Morocco.  I didn’t even know they had waves there until I started researching surfing vacations. Then I discovered all these articles about how it’s a surfer’s paradise with pristine beaches and not too many crowds. This sounded perfect to me. Plus, the price was right.

Comfy bean bag sun loungers

Popular places like Bali and Maldives are super expensive.  I did find a couple cheaper places in India, but they were shared accommodations and more for people who looked like real surfers or students.  I’m definitely not a real surfer. I like to pretend I surf for an hour a day, but then I want to do some yoga and read by the pool with palm trees around me while sipping a cocktail.

The post-surf bar.

The best waves in Morocco are off the coast of Agadir and the best time to catch them is October through March. Traveling by myself, I wanted to have everything in one place so I didn’t have to worry when I got there, which is why I picked Paradise Plage.  The resort offered daily surf lessons and yoga a couple times a day. The place had a spa and a couple of restaurants.  What more could I ask for during my 5-day visit?

After a couple days of surfing, you will need a massage.

Paradise Plage is located close to the surfer’s village of Taghazout and was everything the website boosted it would be. My room was huge and because the resort only opened in 2012, still had that “new” smell to the closets.  It was also set up almost like a time share with a stove and fridge so that you could make your meals if you got tired from eating out.

Pristine beach

The surfing was amazing.  The only people on the 5 km beach were those of us from the hotel, which is great for me.  This is because if I do finally stand up on board, I have no idea how to steer it and am worried I’ll ride into someone.

Crashing into people was not a problem at Paradise Plage. The number taking lessons ranged from 5 to 12 people depending on the day and they split the group based on their expertise so the experienced people didn’t have to paddle around with the beginners like me. Surfboards and wet suits were provided.

Yoga room with a view

Even though I went for the surfing, what I really enjoyed was the yoga. I rarely do yoga at the gym at home because I find the hour boring and I don’t like doing the same routine every day. But for some reason at Paradise Plage, I loved the 90-minute morning class. The instructor changed things up every day based on his mood and a lot of the stretches and balance exercises were chosen to enhance your surfing skills – so I found it useful and interesting.


Plus, you really couldn’t beat the view from the yoga studio. Waves, sand and a bit of greenery. Gorgeous.



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