Greece: Cycling the Islands of Kalymnos and Nisiros

The port of Kalymnos

Cycling the islands of Greece is incredible. Each island is unique and because they are all tiny, you can generally do one a day – at least that’s what I did on my Duvine tour.

Kalymnos is famous for sea sponges

Kalymnos we started in the port and then cycled up and over the island covering 25.2 miles and climbing 2,729 feet before heading downhill back to the port. At the highest pass, you were treated to amazing views of the Aegean Sea.

Little street in Nikia

Then were off to Nisiros. This island is a must visit. The climb to the highest point of the is challenging. You basically start at the ocean and then pedal for 12 miles, climbing 2,833 feet until you hit Nikia. But it’s worth it.

Nikia homes

Nikia is the one of those traditional Greek villages that you see on postcards with the white buildings and blue shuttered buildings. It also has a fantastic bird’s eye view of island’s volcano which is still active.

The volcano

From the village, we cycled down to the crater.  If you go, you must walk into it. There is still smoke rising in places. However, the sulfur smell is incredibly strong so you probably won’t want to hang out there for long.

Of course, if you do go down to the crater, you’ll have to cycle back up to the main road to get back to Mandraki and the port.


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