Greece: Bike, sail, eat and repeat – Cycling Kos


Cycling the Greek Islands with Duvine

We gathered at the luggage collection area of the Kos airport. All of us looking a bit apprehensive, but that changed quickly as the nine of us got to know each other throughout the week. It’s one of the best things of the being on a Duvine Cycling Tour. The people.

This tour was a combination cycling/sailing tour through the Greek Isles. For the next week, we would spend the day pedaling over the hills of an island, sailing to another island and doing it again the next morning. The first day of riding began in Kos.

Ruins of Asclepion

After being fitted on our bikes, we cycled the island from north to south.  This was to be the easiest of the all the days, which was a good thing as we needed time to get to know our bikes, and for people like me who hadn’t cycled much leading up to the tour, I had to get my cycling muscles warmed up.


We covered 22 miles and climbed 608 meters. Along the way we stopped at the ruins of the ancient healing temple of Asclepion.  This was where they formed the Hippocratic Oath.  We then climbed the mountain village of Zia, and took a well-deserved rest before cycling downhill to a local winery.

Sailing to Turkey where we docked for the night.

While relaxing on the boat that night, I already knew this was going to be an amazing holiday.


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